Thursday, June 19, 2008

Re: Exciting pm2

Motion 63 - New Labour - What Do We Get For Our Money from Bromley - has topped the poll of delegates for debate on Friday afternoon. This was the top priority of delegates in every Region. This reflects the anger at New Labour throughout the Union.

So we will debate this motion tomora afternoon :)

Update on the rest of the afternoon

Mike Kirby - Scottish Regional Convenor introduced Motion 45 on Democracy with a wide ranging speech looking back 10 years to Rodney Bickerstaffe's attack upon "unofficial" factions accessing Unison resources - and also sharply criticising the threats issued to health branches seeking to make recommendations in the 2007 pay ballot. Mike accepted the amendment from Lambeth, which was moved by Jackie Lewis and which sought to reinforce the rights of branches to make their own recommendations in national ballots. Chris Tansley from the NEC supported the amendment expressing the qualification that the NEC do not want to see members of SGEs campaigning against SGE policy. The final decision on this point will be made by Conference next year. The amendment was carried with no further debate. The debate on the substantive motion 45 continued with contributions from a range of views. Suzanne Munu from the Housing corPoration mentioning the witch hunt and being slapped down by Mike Kirby before the motion was carried unanimously.
Result from Card vote 1 showed that not only did Rule Amendment 5 from the Disabled Members not command a two thirds majority - it did not even command a simple majority. This leaves open - for SOC - the question of when and if Rule Amendment may be heard.

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a very public sociologist said...

I'm v much looking forward to a report of that debate!!!