Monday, June 23, 2008

UNISON -Yes vote for local government strike action

UNISON LG workers industrial action ballot result 55% yes vote to 45% no on a 27% turnout. (Which is about average for a national ballot)

UPDATE - Prentis on BBC News saying the NJC Committee is meeting tomorrow to decide what (not if) action we are taking - so all looking good.

So UNISON Members in England Wales and Northern Ireland (The Scottish ballot is separate) should be on strike on the 16th and 17th of July.

UNISONS NJC Committee will meet tomorrow to confirm this :)

55% is a clear recommendation that our members are willing to fight for a decent pay offer, lets not take it for granted though and lobby your NJC members for tomorrows meeting!

(In London your NJC reps are Irene Stacey (who said clearly in her election address that she supports strike action over pay "I am furious about Gordon Browns 2% Pay limit... we need unity in action, including coordinated industrial action to fight for decent pay rises....that talk must become action" , David Eggmore who is chair of the NJC and Jean Geldart, her last one before she retires! - Lobby away!)

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